How to Support Asgard Studios

Love our YouTube videos? Want to help keep the lights on? Super! Easiest way to do that is to watch our videos, like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

How do we make money? Great question … Right now it’s tough. YouTube now requires 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours within 12 months to be able to run ads and monetize a channel (we’re over 500 subscribers now) That means, until we hit those numbers – no money through YouTube. And given that I am working on these videos full time now, it is challenging. Money for the channel means – new drones, stunning locations, and more!

You folks rock!

That’s where you amazing people come in. Anytime you buy a product through our amazon affiliate links (embedded in every youtube video description), we get a teeny tiny commission (costs you nothing). That certainly helps.

BOOKMARK THIS LINK: and use it next time you need to shop on Amazon. That would be a huge help!

Also, consider buying some of our innovative TeeSpring merchandise below. Our awesome logo is on one side and a handy QR code is on the other. When your friends ask about us, just tell them to scan the QR code and they will be subscribed to our YouTube channel. How cool is that? Techology, right?

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